Gifts of Rumi No. 3 Part 2

Masnavi I Manavi Vol. 1. (55-77)

How it became clear to the king that the physicians were unable to heal the handmaiden and how he turned to God and dreamed of a holy man that could heal the handmaiden.

God says I know your heart’s wishes, desires, thoughts and deepest secrets, nevertheless declare your wishes by asking

The famous and confident physicians tried everything they knew to find a cure for the handmaiden illness but to no avail.

Once more the king could see that by turning to the physicians and not asking God for help, he made a huge mistake.

The king with eyes full of tears went to the mosque to pray and he entered the flood of ecstasy (Fana). One that is experiencing this overpowering exhilaration is completely dissolved in the divine and he is no longer conscious about himself or his surroundings. He cannot move or do anything. He is so deep in this condition that it’s like he does not exist in this world any more. Drowning in the water but he is not asking to be rescued, because he does not know anything about his physical being.

When he came out of the ecstasy, with eyes full of tears he opened his heart and from the depth of his soul turned his face towards God and asked for help. He went to sleep while crying and praying.

The mystics and wise men believe that when sleeping, the soul temporarily is disconnected from this world and attachments to the material world and therefore the natural state of light becomes alive or comes to appear.

The king saw in his dream that God will send a stranger who is a skilled physician that will find the cure for the handmaiden.

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