Gifts of Rumi No. 3 Part 1

Masnavi I Manavi Vol. 1. (35-54) 

The story of the king’s falling in love with a handmaiden and bringing her to his palace. She got sick after arrival and how King asked all the physicians to find a cure for handmaiden’s illness. 

Importance of saying “If God Will” before wishing or doing something

In this world, man is unable to reach a state when he/she has no longer any wishes i.e. goals, projects, getting something because he/she will always find new ones.

When few of these wishes come through man becomes arrogant and his/her vanity deceives his/her heart, makes it ill and makes him/her forget saying “If God Will” before wishing something new. Therefore God might show man’s weakness to him/her.

There are men, however, that without saying “If God Will”, carry that in their hearts for all their wishes and doings.

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